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WalkRide GM

WalkRideGM is a Greater Manchester wide proposal to encourage more Cycling and Walking.

But will it? Please complete this survey here.


Fallowfield Loop to the Trans Pennine Trail

Please see this Survey. Click Here


Stockport specific WalkRide Consultation


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Post Covid Transport Thoughts.


It has been reported that Air Pollution has reduced noticably now that fewer vehicles are on the roads.


Social distancing and the diminished car use

has highlighted the benefits of walking and cycling.


Cycling UK have provided a Web Page -making it Easy to Promote Changes


Please take a look at the tool and show many of the problems with the roads and paths in Stockport

that should be considered by our Council.

Please promote this tool and do what you can to improve our environment.




About 10 years ago Stockport MBC invited the

Cyclists, Walkers, Horse Riders and the Disabled

to outline the problems they have to Stockport MBC.

Here is our
Cycling Presentation.

A Cycling Presentation from CycleStockport on Vimeo




Use the Links below to find out about cycling in the area.

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--Associations---Places to Visit-----Routes-----Local Clubs---Travel-----Accident?------Pot Holes-- see below ..-

-----Associations-----------places to Visit----------Routes---------Clubs--------Travel--------Accident------------Pot Holes

----The Potholes link is to the very usefull Fill that Hole facility.. Unfortunately-Fill that Hole-may not be functioning properley.

Council's-may-have inadvertently blocked it from their system.--To contact Stockport click here, and to-contact Cheshire East click here

Knowing which Authority is reposnsible for repairing Pot Holes is essential. This is what Fill that Hole did.

We can only hope the Governent and Councils recognise the problem and provide a similar Nationwide facility.



------Please note, any opinions etc expressed on Linked Sites are not necessarily those of Cycle Stockport

---- They are for information only and we are not responsible for the content.


---Not long ago Stockport wanted to become a city.--

See what they should be aiming for here.

See how they cycle in The Netherlands here and here. and an acticle on Copenhagen here.

We have a long way to go to catch up, and will not do so while Stockport MBC chooses not to cater cyclists, such as in the Connect 2 case below.



Connect2 was a joint project between Stockport Council and Sustrans
to create an Off Road Route between Marple and Stockport.
When the route is completed it will link with the Middlewood Way and provide a Commuter route into Stockport and a leisure route to Macclesfield and beyond.The Bridge is now over the river at Chadkirk.
A short video of the installation can be seen here.


The extension on into Bredbury, which has been on hold for at least 8 years,
has now been improved and a second bridge over the River Goyt installed near Bredbury Hall. However access to the bridge is barriered off.

Fortunately there is an off-shoot to take you into the nearby housing estate.

Eventually it should become part of NCN Route 55.
--------Please lobby your Councillors to ensure the route is completed
---------------- and becomes one of Manchester's Bee Lines.



To have an input into Cycling Conditions in Stockport visit Stockport MBC's Cycle User Group (CUG)

Local Cycling and Walking Groups have now been introduced

Contact your Local Councillors for details.



To Contact Cycle Stockport please click Here


Help neeeded. The Halls Route is a major asset for Stockport providing useful links between boroughs,

However I only have a written description for travelling in a Clockwise direction.

Can anyone can assist by providing directions for travelling in an Anticlockwise direction.

It will be of great help for those not wanting to cycle all the way round.



Do you know where you are?

Before you are lost and need help, or simply to tell someone where to meet Download the what3words App to your smart phone.

The App will display Three Words to give to the Emergency Services

This will pinpoint you to within 30 metres.

Do this at the point where the emergency is

in case you have to move away to get a mobile signal.


The Tour of Britain passed through Compstall

On Saturday the 14th September 2019

for a sample see here.

Hopefully it will encourage Stockport to recognise that Catering for Cycling can be beneficial to the area as a whole.


Manchester Airport Relief Road and The Middlewood Way.

Now the A6 to MARR is open, and being used by many cyclists,it is time for all cyclists to persuade Stockport MBC the Middlewood Way should be properly surfaced in order to become a cycle feeder route between Marple and the Airport.Use this Link to find your Councillor.


Click here to see how a London Borough Caters for Cycling


Cycle Lanes

What every Motorist should know:-You MUST NOT drive or park in a cycle lane marked by a solid white line during its times of operation.Do not drive or park in a cycle lane marked by a broken white line unless it is unavoidable. You MUST NOTpark in any cycle lane whilst waiting restrictions apply.

-What every Cyclist should know:---Keep within the lane when practicable, however ----------------------------------------

----------------- The use of cycle lanes is not compulsory and will depend on your experience and skills,

but they can make your journey safer.

What every Highways Engineer should know:-

The target design width for a with-flow cycle lane is 2.0m.

1.5m. width lanes should only be used where the speed limit is 30mph or less and over short distances (less than 100m)


Transport for Greater Manchester's ideas for road changes.

Here is one for Oxford Road


Police start to take Cyclist' Safety seriously. see here


Alan Newton Way

Officially Opened by the Mayor etc - at 2pm on July 2nd 2016.

However the Alan Newton Way is part of NCN 55.

Stockport Council should complete National Cycle Network 55 from Marple into Stockport. Although Stockport has finally installed a bridge over the River Goyt -into Woodbank Park the route to it is barriered off.

Furthermore it will never reach its full potential and encourage cycling

until NCN 55 has a surface suitable for commuting cyclists.

Please Contact your Local Councilor Here



See here a Government strategy to encourage travelling by bike or on foot.


But is it really happening? See here

And to see how Other Councils are thinking, see Here


-------------Cycle Lanes - Is this the future? ---See here


Big Bike Revival

A Government funded initiative to help people revive their bikes.

If you are interested in getiing your bike working again,

or, better still, setting up a renovation group see here



Cyclists' Safety

It is recognised that the number of lorry/cyclist collisions is disproportionate to the number of vehicles on the road.

The Government is supporting a German proposal to link the side marker lights, along the length of long vehicles, to the signalling system to give cyclists vital seconds warning to take avoiding action.

They say this has been an option for a number of years,

but few vehicle operators have bothered to take up the option.

This video put out by the Road Haulage Association shows exactly the situation where this modification could have helped save the cyclist's life.


One magazine's view of Cycling and the Law

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Greater Manchester is currently investing over £30million

in the first phase of the VéloCity program.

Try the Space for Cycling facility.


How Parliament is thinking about Cycling click Here


Sustrans Routes are now available associated with Google Maps.

You can now search Countrywide down to Road level.


Older Notices, but not necessarily outdated Notices, are here.


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