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Our aim is to become the Focal Point of all things Cycling in Stockport,

and by this means improve Cycling Conditions for all.


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New government strategy launched to encourage travelling by bike or on foot.

See here

Stockport Council should complete National Cycle Network 55 from Marple into Stockport.

Although Stockport appears to be getting the funding for a bridge over the River Goyt

into Woodbank Park it will never reach its full potential and encourage cycling unless NCN 55

is given a surface suitable for commuting cyclists. Contact your Local Councilor




Stockport Town Centre Access Plan

Click on the above link to find out what the Council has in mind about cycling facilities in Stockport.

Make sure your journey into Stockport is improved and not made less convenient.

Contact the Council as soon as possible, current deadline for Sceme 602

New Bridge Lane East is Friday 12th February .

Regrettsably advice from experienced cyclists was ignored over New Bridge Lane East and an unsuitable facility was created.

Other schemes may have different deadline dates.

They also have plans for the Ladybrook Valley see here.



Anyone thinking of leading a group or cycle ride

may be interested in the following CTC opportunities

see Here and Here


The Near Miss Project

The Near Miss Project (funded by Blaze and Creative Exchange) has been studying cycling incidents that don’t result in injury,

hoping to help make cycling safer and more enjoyable. You can offer your experiences here.



Cyclists' Safety

It is recognised that the number of lorry/cyclist collisions is disproportionate to the number of vehicles on the road.

We have created a Governement Petition to promote the idea that the subsidiary lights that are along the length of most long vehicles

should be linked to the signalling system to give cyclists vital seconds warning to take avoiding action.

This video put out by the Road Haulage Association shows exactly the situation where this modification could have

helped save the cyclists life.



Greater Manchester is currently investing over £30million in the first phase of the VéloCity program.

Try to ensure this benefits you by using the Space for Cycling facility.




If you want to know how Parliament is thinking about Cycling click Here




The new Cycle Hub (Cycle Storage and changing facilities) is now open at Stockport Station

You can have daily use or take out a £15 yearly subscription
but be prepared for a lengthy signing in process.



Sustrans Routes

Sustrans Routes are now available in conjunction with Google Maps.

You can now search Countrywide down to Road level. ____________________________________________________________________________


Off Road Cycling in Wales

Support the proposal to improve cycle access in Wales.

See here




Connect2 is a joint project between Stockport Council and Sustrans
to create an Off Road Route between Marple and Chadkirk.

When the route is completed it will link with the Middlewood Way and provide
a Commuter route into Stockport and a leisure route to Macclesfield and beyond.

The Bridge is now over the river at Chadkirk.
A short video of the installation can be seen here.

Stockport MBC calls the extension to Bredbury an aspirational route!!
Eventually it should become part of NCN Route 55.

Please lobby your Councillors to ensure the route doesn't stop at Chadkirk.

The present track to Bredbury will need considerable improvement
to the surface and drainage before it becomes a useful route for general use.


Stockport MBC invited each of their User Groups
to outline the problems they have to Stockport MBC and each other.
Here is our
Cycling Presentation.

A Cycling Presentation from CycleStockport on Vimeo.


To find out what is proposed for Stockport cyclists,

Stockport MBC's Transport Policy is Here. The Proposed Traffic Regulations are Here

You may find proposals that could affect your journey through Stockport
and may require your input before you find yourself in an inconvenient or dangerous situation .


To have an input into Cycling Conditions in Stockport visit Stockport MBC's Cycle User Group (CUG)


Older Notices, but not necessarily outdated Notices, are here.


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